Work permit to work in Albania

Demand Letter

Letter of intent from TONA Market Pogradec. Headquarters at 11 Resit Chollaku Street, Pogradice, Republic of Albania.

The company intends to hire workers as warehouse employees with a salary of 63,800 ALL I gross. (110 ALL = 1 USD).

1. Term of the agreement: 12 months;
2. Working hours: 8-12 hours a day/ 5.5 day a week;
3. Accommodation: Provided;
4. Food: Not provided;
5. Medical services: provided (without treatment of chronic diseases);
6. Insurance: insured against industrial accidents;
7. Residence permit: issued during the validity of the work permit;
8. Other conditions: in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania;

Second Party confirms accepting the mentioned conditions above.

      Our company prepares a complete set of documents for opening a category D visa. We provide a complete set of papers for your client to receive a category D work visa at the consulate. We will provide every paper that the end requires from your client. If you need additional papers, not those that the consul requires, but others related to the work contract, this is not a problem. We are ready to provide absolutely any paper confirming that the complete set of documents has been launched and completed all the procedures and is ready for the Consul to review these documents and provide a working category D visa.

Albania — our partners in Albania will help you to issue invitations for obtaining a business visa, or an intern visa (internship at the production of a partner company)

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