Serbian work contract for 1 year

Demand letter Serbia:

We need the following category of workers for employment in Serbia. We ask you to select and hire the following suitable staff for our company from Southeast Asia as listed below:

Place of Work: Nishava region
Kind of work: Construction workers
Contract Period: 1 year with prolongation
Salary: 430 rsd/ hour brutto = 320 rsd/ hour netto (4.32 usd/hour brutto=3.20 usd/hour netto)
Working Hours: 8-10 hrs per day, 6 days/week (240+ hrs per month). (Shift starts from 6 AM) There are also night shifts.
Responsibilities at work: work at a construction site, interior decorators and auxiliary workers
Monthly payment: 650-830 USD (PAYMENT in national currency according to the volume of work performed)
Accommodation: campus of the enterprise, payment of utilities according to the consumed tariffs.
Food: lunch at the workplace, while performing a production task
Medical & Insurance: Provided
Air ticket: Air ticket The cost of the flight is refunded after three months of the contract. A return ticket is paid at the end of the work contract, subject to the fulfillment of all clauses of the contract
Language required: English

Warehouse worker. Work in supermarket Serbia.

Place of Work — Novi Sad region.
Kind of work — Warehouse Worker, workers of the supermarket trading floor of the company.
Contract Period — 1 year with prolongation.
Salary — 290 rsd (2.8 usd)/hour brutto . min 17510 rsd (170.00 usd) a week.
Working Hours — 9-11 hrs per day, 6 days/week (245+ hrs per month), (Shift starts from 6.00 AM).
There are also night shifts.
Responsibilities at work — the work of the warehouse employee is t he collection and execution of orders according to the data received from the customer (the ability to work with the scanner), unloading and loading of goods. Keeping warehouses clean and tidy, other obligations arising from the work contract.
Monthly payment — Min 70040 rsd (680 usd)/mount.
Accommodation — the campus of the company, payment of utilities according to the consumed tariffs.
Food — the ability to buy food, at the cost of the production costs of the company.
Medical & Insurance — Provided.
Air ticket — Air ticket The cost of the flight is refunded after three months of the contract.
Language required — English

Serbia working contract for 1 year. Our trusted Serbian partner distributes labor throughout Serbia requires us workers to factories, factories, warehouses (auxiliary worker), construction sites: we need specialists and handymen. 

Pay your attention to Serbia. Salary is not less than in Romania. The deadline for issuing the invitation package of documents is 5 working days.

The first party intends to hire another person as a builder with a gross salary of 74,575 dinars (99 dinars = 1 US dollar).
1. Expiry date: 12 months.
2. Working hours: 8-12 hours a day / 5.5 days a week.
3. Accommodation: provided.
4. Meals: provided.
5. Medical services: provided (without treatment of chronic diseases).
6. Insurance: insured against industrial accidents.
7. Residence permit: issued during the validity period of the work permit.
8. Other conditions: in accordance with the Serbian Civil Code.

Companies with which we have an agreement, we are obliged to supply the following labor force:

— Truck driver: Salary: 1000-2000 euros / month, Salary payment once a month, Bonuses according to the motivation system for drivers, White salary, stable company, good working relations.

— Agricultural work (harvesting in the fields, greenhouses or work on farms (turkey, chicken, ostrich, …)


1. Based on the employment contract, the employee _____, a citizen of Bangladesh, will work for the employer passport ________ as: installer of construction builders.
2. Place of work: Belgrade — metropolis.
3. Date of employment: 13.12.2021
4. The employer and the employee have agreed that the employer may send the employee on a business trip for the necessary time to perform production tasks. Usual place of work: Belgrade — Mitropolija. business trips are governed by the company’s internal rules.
5. Employment is agreed for one year. from 13 December 2021 to 12 December 2022.
6. The employer and the employees agreed on a probationary period of 8 weeks.
7. Employees will perform the agreed work within 60 hours per week. Working hours are smooth.
8. Possible overtime
9. The employee performs production activities, within the framework of this contract
10. During the execution of production tasks, employees will adhere to the job description, adhere to work discipline and other working conditions provided by legal acts and this contract. The rights and obligations of the employee are regulated by this contract.
11. The employee is paid a salary for the work performed in accordance with the applicable regulations in Serbian dinars / hour. Salaries and other salary requirements are regulated by salary assessment, which is an integral part of the employment contract. The employer and the employee agreed that the employer could dismiss the employee and the employee could resign.
12. Prior to concluding this employment contract, the employer informed the employee of his rights and obligations arising from the employment relationship.
13. The rights and obligations of the employer and the employee from the employment relationship are regulated by the Labor Law and other provisions of the labor legislation.
14. The employer provides the employee with written information on basic rights and obligations
15. This contract is drawn up in two copies, one of which was delivered to the employer and the other to the employee.
16. A foreign worker has rights in accordance with the Labor Law of the Republika Srpska for the duration of the employment contract.
17. Upon expiration of the contract, the parties may agree on its extension.


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