Work permit to work in Norway

We require the following category of workers to work in the Kingdom of Norway. We ask you to select and hire the following suitable staff for our company, as indicated below.

The conditions are as follows:

Place of work — Norway.

The term of the contract is 12 months with the possibility of extension.

Opening hours / basic Min. 154 working hours per month

Duties of employees — Warehouse workers, employees of the supermarket trading floor of the cooperative.

Salary of NOK 143.50 per hour (one us dollar -8.62 Norwegian krone).

Accommodation — campus of the cooperative, payment of utilities.

Accident insurance during the performance of an employment contract.

Overtime / Total Hours: Additional 2-4 hours per day, 60 hours per month

Air ticket The cost of the flight is refunded after three months of the contract. A return ticket is paid at the end of the employment contract, type A work permits.

Other terms and conditions According to the Norwegian Civil Code

Juridisk navn : COOP NORGE SA
Selskapsform : Samvirkeforetak
Daglig leder : Geir Inge Stokke
NACE-bransje : 46.390 Engroshandel med bredt utvalg av nærings- og nytelsesmidler, 46.499 Engroshandel med husholdningsvarer og varer til personlig bruk ikke nevnt annet sted
Registrert i foretaksregisteret : Ja
Registrert i MVA : Ja
Registrert i NAV aa-registeret : Ja
Registrert i frivillighetsreg. : Nei
Stiftelsesdato : 27.06.1906
Registreringsdato : 12.03.1995
Antall ansatte : 2122

A real guest invitation from a citizen of Norway, you will receive a short-term visa at home for 6 months with a corridor for 3 months, this citizen will answer the consul’s call and meet you at the airport.


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