Malta work contract

We need the following category of workers for employment in Malta. We ask you to select and hire the following suitable staff for our company from Southeast Asia as listed below.

Place of Work — Gozo Island
Kind of work — Warehouse Worker, workers of the supermarket trading floor of the cooperative.
Contract Period — 1 year with prolongation
Salary — 4.50 euro/hour brutto . min Є 270.00 a week
Working Hours — 9-1 I hrs per day, 6 days/week (245+ hrs per month), (Shift starts from 5.30 AM) There are also night shifts.
Responsibilities at work — the work of the warehouse employee is the collection and execution of orders according to the data received from the customer (the ability to work with the scanner), unloading and loading of goods, keeping warehouses clean and tidy, other obligations arising from the work contract
Monthly payment — Min 1100 euro/mount
Accommodation — the campus of the cooperative, payment of utilities according to the consumed tariffs.
Food — the ability to buy food, at the cost of the production costs of the cooperative
Medical & Insurance — Provided
Air ticket — Air ticket The cost of the flight is refunded after three months of the contract. A return ticket is paid at the end of the work contract, subject to the fulfillment of all clauses of the contract
Language required — English

In Malta we work with a very large agency with a good reputation and extensive experience. This agency distributes the workforce (service personnel) to hotels in Malta, one of our vacancies you can see below. Need full staff to service hotels …

General conditions for the performance of a work contract, according to the labor law of Malta, in the field of attracting foreign labor.

Term & Condition as follows:
Place of Employment: Gozo Island
Period of Contract: 12 months and renewable
Working Hours/basic: Min. 154 monthly work hours
Employee responsibilities: Hotel workers (cleaning, preparation of rooms, laundry, dry cleaning, help with the restaurant, cleaning of the territory (including the pools and the beach of the hotel))
Salary: One and a half minimum guaranteed monthly wages calculated each new quarter based on the estimates of Statistics Malta. As of the third quarter of 2021 (785 x 1.5= 1177.50 euro)
Food: Meals at the workplace, complex meals similar to hotel guests.
Accommodation: Hotel accommodation, staffrooms.
Medical: Emergencies, and workplace injuries
Insurance: Insurance against accidents during the performance of the work contract
Overtime/Total hours: Per day additional 2-4 h, per month 140 h.
Air Ticket: The cost of the flight is refunded after three months of the contract. a return ticket is paid after the end of the working contract, subject to the fulfillment of all clauses of the contract

Malta business invitation

Malta is ready to provide a business invitation from one of our founders for your client. To start the process, we need a scanned copy of the first page of the passport, plus information about what your client did at home, maybe he had some business. This information is intended to make it easier for a lawyer in Malta to draft a business invitation.

With this invitation you will be able to open a category C visa.

The cost of a business invitation is 350 euros, to start the process you need an advance payment of 100 euros and the documents mentioned earlier.

Our client's Malta work permit. Work in Hotel industry

Our team's of lawyers tour around Malta
Malta work contract

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