Lithuanian working contract

  We require the undermentioned category of works for employments in Republic of Lithuania. We request you to select and recruit the following suitable personnel for our company from as per details given below. As such we shall be very grateful if you could send us the passport copies and certificates.

To work in Warehouse workers need 50 Men and 40 Women. Basic salary/months/net min. 800 euros.

Term & Condition as follows:
Place of Employment:  Vilnius metropolia;
Period of Contract: 12 months and renewable min.
Working Hours/ basic: 154 monthly work hours;
Responsibilities at work: the work of the warehouse employee is the Collection and execution of orders according to the data received from the customer (the ability to work with the scanner), unloading and loading of goods, keeping warehouses clean and tidy, other obligations arising from the work contract;
Food: not provided;
Accommodation: Provided-payment of utility bills 50-70 euro;
Medical provided: Insurance provided
Overtime/Total hours: per day additional 2-4 h, per month 140 h;
Air Ticket: not provided;
Work Permit Type A Cost: provided by the Company.

Other terms and conditions according to Lithuania civil code.

The salary is paid 10th of each next month.

visa and resident card of the Republic of Lithuania Necessary documents: 1) Certificate of criminal record (English translation and apostille) 2) Diploma (notarized copy) 3) Passport Terms: A residence permit is issued for 2 years Documents are made up to 2 weeks We provide: 1) Contract 2) Migration number 3) Registration at the visa center

Our Lithuanian company has a lot of objects in Lithuania and in the Schengen countries, there are many nationalities working there, there is one building company where plasterers and welders are needed and another company where car dealers, cooks, a supermarket, a tractor driver, a driver with category C, road workers, a mechanic are needed , work at the plant …, loggers, maids in a five-star hotel you need a resume, then an interview, passport and a diploma of vocational school. if you make yourself a document illegally that you have a specialty of plasterer that will be enough to open a visa, the visa opening rate is high because the company has been operating for many years, our Czech company is in PRAGUE is a registered agency that has the right to distribute labor through the labor exchange for all vacancies , we have a large limit on work contracts, therefore, according to our Czech work invitations, refusals are very rare, the choice of vacancies is very large, on arrival our company will help you get through your About a new employer a residence permit card for 2 years .., there is also a BUSINESS SCHENGEN INVITATION from our Polish operating company, the invitation has shown itself well in Asian countries.

Lithuanian documents for obtaining a work visa are primarily for qualified workforce — who have confirmation of their qualifications with the help of a work education diploma or at least letters of recommendation from a previous employer.

Construction of cottages, direct employer The Lithuanian construction company needs Construction specialists for official work. We are engaged in the construction of Cottages and Apartment buildings. We are a direct employer! … We need — Bricklayers, Concrete workers, Finishers, plumbing facades. (ONLY TEAMS OF 10 PERSONS) Working conditions: — Official paperwork — Advance payment is given upon arrival at the place — Accommodation is provided — A car is provided for commuting to work — Work schedule (8-10 hours — 5 days, Saturday before lunch) Mandatory vaccination QR — code Salary from 2200 €

We make the contract from a legitimate construction company, which employs people of different nationalities. The client needs scans of the first page of his passport, an address in English plus a phone number. We can make a contract for both a man and a woman. The procedure for making a work contract is 10 days. A Lithuanian work contract bypasses the labor exchange if you provide any document that your client is one of the specialists from this list: Bricklayer, concrete worker, fittings, electrician, plasterer, insulator, seamstress, painter, any document school, courses, technical school …

Nobody checks the authenticity of the document.
The Lithuanian work contract is good in that the time for making a work contract is only 10 days, plus the Lithuanian company will provide you with the TRK code, plus the company will require your consul to give you the time and date when your client must go to the consulate to apply for a visa. With a Lithuanian work visa of category D, we will provide you legitimate free of charge any vacancy of your choice in any Schengen country.

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Lithuanian business invitation, culture, tourist, guest

We work with the agency Lithuania, which invites to the Schengen countries to visit Lithuania or other Schengen countries, there are travel programs, there is a lawyer who will competently issue a business invitation or provide a real EU citizen who will invite you to visit.

At meat processing enterprises in Lithuania there are meat cutters, meat cutters. Only with experience in a meat processing plant.
Free accommodation in a cozy hostel near work.
Meals during work are free.
social package.
Salary from 800 to 1200 euros per month on hand, depending on the number of shifts.
An example of an hourly output for deboning meat:
• 40 pieces of pork
• 40 front pieces of pork
• 60 pieces of pork on the back or sides
• 8 front quarters of beef with barrel
• 8 beef hams
work in 4 shifts of 12 hours.
A diploma confirming the specialty, and a certificate from the employer, confirming the work experience in this specialty for at least a year out of the last five, is required.
Travel to the place of work — at the expense of the employee. You don’t need to go to work, housing is a 5-minute walk away.


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