Work permit to work in Germany

Operation of a meat grinder for pork Germany. Men and women only with work experience, age up to 45 years. Salary from 12.5-17.5 euros gross. time (subject to compliance with production standards) depends on the qualifications of the worker. working day 8-10 hours of stay - 250-300 euros (community) two people in a room. allowances for night shifts. MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS – certificates or diplomas of special education, letters of recommendation from the previous place of work (work experience of at least 4 years). basic German (visa interview in German at the consulate). annual visa with obtaining on the spot the status of a temporary resident for 4 years with the right to work.

In Germany, our partner is a law firm that is engaged in the employment and legalization of our clients. You can see one of our offers from our German partner below:

Warehouse worker.
9.50 euros per hour — gross. at 40 working hours per week. Overtime is agreed in a separate contract
Workplace: Hessen.
Job posting: warehouse worker. Workers of the supermarket.
Contract duration: 1 year with extension.
Salary: the average salary according to the approved collective bargaining agreement of the
Company employees, but not higher than for German nationals.
Working hours: 10-12 hours per day, 6 days / week (240+ hours per month). (Shift starts at 6 a.m.) There are also night shifts.

Tasks at work: the work of the warehouse worker consists of collecting and executing orders according to the data received from the customer (the ability to work with the scanner). Unloading and loading of goods. Keep the warehouse clean and tidy. Other obligations from the contract for work.

Accommodation: the cooperative campus, payment of additional costs according to the tariffs used.

Food: the possibility of buying groceries at the expense of the cooperative’s production costs.

Health Insurance: Provided.

Air ticket: Air ticket The cost of the flight will be reimbursed after a three-month contract period. A return ticket is paid at the end of the employment contract, subject to the fulfillment of all clauses of the contract.

All other terms and conditions are based on the German Civil Code.

Germany business invitation

Production assistant for fruit and vegetable packaging in Germany

Fruit and vegetable packing assistant
18-55 years old
Physically healthy
Previous work experience abroad would be an advantage
Sorting, packing vegetables and fruits
Visual inspection for damage
Ensuring the required quality in production areas
173 hours per month, work in 2 or 3 shifts (6-14; 14-22; 22-6)
Possible overtime hours
13-14 euros/hour. Work on holidays, Sundays and night shifts is paid extra.
Accommodation: Will be provided for 13-16 euros/day and will be deducted from salary. Cozy apartment with all necessary utensils and WiFi

Germany is ready to provide a business invitation from one of our founders for your client. To start the process, we need a scanned copy of the first page of the passport, plus information about what your client did at home, maybe he had some business. This information is intended to make it easier for a lawyer in Germany to draft a business invitation.

With this invitation you will be able to open a category C visa.

The cost of a business invitation is 350 euros, to start the process you need an advance payment of 100 euros and the documents mentioned earlier.


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