Estonian working contract

We need the following category of workers for employment in Estonia. We ask you to select and hire the following suitable staff for our company from Southeast Asia as listed below.

Place of Work — Saaremaa Island

Kind of work — Warehouse Worker, workers of the supermarket trading floor of the cooperative.

Contract Period — 1 year with prolongation

Salary — 4.35 euro/hour brutto . min Є 265.00 a week

Working Hours — 10-12 hrs per day, 5,5 days/week (245+ hrs per month), (Shift starts from 5.30 AM) There are also night shifts.

Responsibilities at work — the work of the warehouse employee is the collection and execution of orders according to the data received from the customer (the ability to work with the scanner), unloading and loading of goods, keeping warehouses clean and tidy, other obligations arising from the work contract

Monthly payment — Min 1060 euro/mount

Accommodation — the campus of the cooperative, payment of utilities according to the consumed tariffs.

Food — the ability to buy food, at the cost of the production costs of the cooperative

Medical & Insurance — Provided

Air ticket — Air ticket The cost of the flight is refunded after three months of the contract. A return ticket is paid at the end of the work contract, subject to the fulfillment of all clauses of the contract

Language required — English

Packer for a cosmetics warehouse in Tartu. Estonia 1900-2800 €

Estonia, Tartu
Cosmetics warehouse packer.
Wanted: M / F / Couples up to 55 years.
Language skills and work experience are not required.
— Collection of goods in the warehouse
-Order picking
Marriage control
Preparing orders for shipping
Loading Unloading
Schedule: working minimum — 8 hours. 5 days a week mandatory.
You can take an additional working day and extra hours.
Payment: 6-8 euros per hour NET.

Housing is provided by the employer free of charge, a maximum of 30 euros will be deducted from wages only for utilities.
The rooms are occupied by 2-3 people.
Families are provided with separate rooms.
There is a kitchen, a bathroom, all the necessary equipment.
The property is within walking distance to work.

For citizens of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Ethiopia. Working contract for 1 year. From a white construction firm employing people of different nationalities. If necessary, we will put you in line at your consulate. The contract itself in Estonia will be completed in 3-4 weeks. From the client: scanned copy of the first page of the passport plus a full resume, we work with a large agency that distributes labor in Estonia and Scandinavian countries, Schengen. We have been working with this partner for several years, a proven agency.

Companies with which we have an agreement, we are obliged to supply the following labor force:

Agricultural work (harvesting in the fields, greenhouses or work on farms (turkey, chicken, ostrich, …)

Vacancy for a plumber : Working conditions official employment; salary from 1000 € / month; accommodation at the expense of the employer;

Vacancy for a packer at a confectionery factory: Working conditions: official employment; salary from 800 € / month; accommodation at the expense of the employer; meals at their own expense.

ESTONIA Schengen culture of invitation

Your first steps in order to go to the Schengen countries, legally live and work.

First, you need to know which consulates you have in the capital. Today I have such working contracts with countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Germany, and Slovakia. You need to find out, the easiest thing to read is on the Internet, which of the consulates is the easiest to get a visa in your country. If you open, for example, a Estonia visa, it does not mean that you need to work only in Estonia, any work visa can then legally change the work contract. This is done by any employer and it is legal to work after arriving in Schengen countries for any other employer, ie you have your old visa with which you came, for example, you opened a Latvian work visa, but you want to work in the Estonia. You come to the Estonia to the employer and he gives you his Estonia working contract and you work in the Estonia legally, when the visa ends, the Czech employer extends your visa or makes a residence permit and you do not need to leave the Estonia.

While you are at home, any visa is opened only at the place of registration or address registration. Therefore, at first, always try to open a visa at home, in the capital of your country. If the first time you have been refused a visa, do not be discouraged, there is always a reason for refusal, that is, for example, not all documents have been provided for opening a visa, that is, you can appeal, the second contract is given to you for free and get a visa.

I know very well which sets of documents you need to provide for your countries; you don’t have a regular contract; you need to provide a full set of documents for your clients from the employer, including a confirmation letter and it is advisable to give you an application for labor, plus I demand when your clients go to the consulate for my employer will call and explain to your consul that he needs these clients to work, that is, we do full support for our partners for our agencies we do full support for your clients in the consulate plus we have a lawyer if God forbid you will receive a refusal for any client, our lawyer will appeal and we seek a visa.

Estonia business invitation

Estonia is ready to provide a business invitation from one of our founders for your client. To start the process, we need a scanned copy of the first page of the passport, plus information about what your client did at home, maybe he had some business. This information is intended to make it easier for a lawyer in France to draft a business invitation.


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