Work permit to work in Bulgaria

We require the undermentioned category of works for immediate employments in Republic of Bulgaria. We request you to select and recruit the following suitable personnel for our company from Indonesia as per details given below. As such we shall be very grateful if you could urgently send the passport copies and certificates.

To work on warehiuse worker need : 50 mens. Min. 1200 BGN/732 USD.
To work on production worker need : 50 men and 30 women. Min. 1200 BGN/732 USD.
To work on cleaning of offices, hospitals, storage facilities need : 50 men and 30 women. Min. 1200 BGN/732 USD.

Term & Condition as follows:
Place of Employment: whole Bulgaria
Period of Contract: 12 months and renewable
Working Hours/ basic min.: 154 monthly work hours
Food: not provided
Accommodation: provided
Medical: provided
Insurance: provided
Overtime/Total hours: per day additional 2-4 h, per month 140 h
Air Ticket: provided
Work Permit Type A Cost: provided by the Company
Other terms and conditions according to Bulgaria civil code
The salary is paid 10th of each next month.

Bulgarian contract for work with a trusted employer (warehouses, factories, factories, port). We have been working with these employers for the third year already. The employer provides work upon arrival when the client arrives. A very large selection of vacancies, we work with an agency that distributes labor throughout Bulgaria. A home visa is opened for one year, when your client comes to the employer, the employer draws up a residence permit for 1 year with the right to work and extends this residence permit as long as the client agrees to work, an advance payment comes with a scan of the document 150 euros from scanned copy of the first page of the client’s passport + summary the second part of the money is paid when I show you a scanned copy of the finished original work contract.

Companies with which we have an agreement, we are obliged to supply the following labor force:

Companies with which we have an agreement, we are obliged to provide the following workforce:
— Production workers in Bulgaria, We offer: long-term employment in a reputable company, training, assistance in
providing transport to the place of work, additional social benefits, residence permit
— Staff — kitchen, Very good working conditions in a young, energetic and ambitious team. Flexible work schedule with a place of work — Sofia — Student City. Working for a prestigious company with set standards
relationships with both clients and employees. Permanent employment. Excellent monthly salary. Meals during shift. 50% discount on food and drinks.
— Cashier at 345 store in Sofia, Offers: Good salary; Regular and secure payments; Flexible work schedule — according to the schedule. Requirements: work experience
— Agricultural work : harvesting in the fields, greenhouses or work on farms (turkey, chicken, ostrich, …)


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